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Universities in Mizoram

Updated on: May 14, 2013

Despite the fact that Mizoram is a small state in the north-eastern region of India, it ranks first in India with a literacy rate of 91.1 percent.

So far as the present educational scenario of higher education is concerned, the state of Mizoram has the presence of Mizoram University, a central university assisted by a number of vocational colleges spread across Mizoram.

The University of Mizoram is the bridge that connects the people of Mizoram to the outer rapidly changing and developing world and provides the fundamental understanding to the common people to recognize their duties to the nation.

So, it is easily comprehensible that Mizoram University helps the aspirants of the entire North Eastern region to culminate their strategies and plays the pioneering role in maintaining the unity in diversity.
  1. Mizoram University
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