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Mizoram University

Updated on: May 14, 2013
Mizoram University was established on 2nd July, 2001, under the provision laid down by Mizoram University Act as a Central University. Mizoram University aims at “to disseminate and advance knowledge by providing instructional and research facilities in such branches of learning as it may deem fit, to make provisions for integrated courses in humanities, natural and physical sciences, social sciences, forestry and other allied disciplines in the educational programmes of the University; to take appropriate measures for promoting innovations in teaching-disciplinary studies and research; to educate and train man-power in the development of the state of Mizoram; and to pay special attention to the improvement of the social and economic conditions and welfare of the people of that State, their intellectual, academic and cultural development".

The education scenario of Mizoram University has been rapidly improving and after seven years of its birth the entire setting of the university has immensely changed after the recent shifting of the main administration and some academic departments to its permanent campus at Tarnhil.

The permanent campus of Mizoram University is built on 978.1988 acres (3,958,630 m2) of land with its lush greenery and scenic hills. Mizoram University gives affiliation to 29 under-graduate colleges including 2 professional institutes. At present, the number of students enrolled in the university is around 8,297 students.

The university is now undergoing a sea change as it received a grant of Rs. 43.50 crores from UGC. As a result, the university undertook new steps for further development of the education policies keeping in mind the changing time.

The university is progressing rapidly and has received good results for the last couple of years. It indicates that the university has a clear and larger vision of upholding the institution to one of the well-known and premier institutions in the country.

Brief Synopsis of The University:

   1. Number of schools functioning at present: 7.
   2. Number of departments functioning at present: 28
   3. Start of academic session: July.
   4. Invitations for application for admissions: May.

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